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January 2022
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Outdated politeness …
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Outdated politeness …

Greetings from Japan

The other day I quoted upon request on a certain translation work, but did not receive any response. That is probably “normal”, since this happens in more than 90% of the cases, yet I decided to express my unhappiness about this situation …

I am probably already too old for today’s ‘digital age’, but when I was young, people taught me certain forms of politeness. For example:

*  People sit at a table and someone asks me to pass the salt.
*  I do pass the salt to the asker and say: “Here you are” etc.
*  The asker takes the salt and says: “THANK YOU”.

What impression would it make, if the asker takes the salt, but then just turns his head away and says nothing???

The offer does not even have to be accepted (at all).
*  I offer someone a cup of coffee.
*  That persons reclines and says: “No thank you”.
Nobody would be offended by that, but here again, what if that person just turns his head away and says nothing???

Have these forms of politeness - just saying “Thank you” - been completely erased (deleted) in our modern digital age?

In the hope, that a little more politeness can only help to make the world a better place. 

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Well, many people are apparently satisfied, but from personal experience - which I share with quite a number of translators - I would advice **NOT** to work for a company called “Transperfect”.

In case anyone should be contacted by them.
Although they seem to a fortune 500 company, they constantly and systematically try to cheat the translators.
Or is that maybe BECAUSE they are a fortune 500 comapany???

I will detail this claim a little later on my other translation related blog:

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No Peanuts movment
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A few months ago I came across the following site/movement and DO support their activities.
That is why I put they logo on my website and this little note here.
If you are a translator and take pride in your work - please refuse to “work for peanuts”.


Spread the word:
tell the
world that you endorse the No Peanuts! Movement.

Join the No
Peanuts! Movement.

Living wages for translators and interpreters! All
our thanks from No Peanuts!

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